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Car and Commercial Vehicle Exhaust Fitting, Repairs and Replacement Bury

If you're suffering from a rattling, blowing or noisy exhaust or even if you've left part of it on Bury New Road simply bring your vehicle in to Carmen Autos and we'll take a look at it.

If your vehicle is suffering from an exhaust leak it’s not only the noise that can be a problem. Exhaust systems ensure toxic engine gases are blown away and out from the back of your vehicle. A faulty or leaking exhaust system is a risk as these toxic fumes can enter your vehicle and affect you and your passengers.

Our expert garage technicians will be able to diagnose which part of your exhaust system is faulty including the manifold, front downpipe, centre section or rear silencer box. We can supply and fit a new replacement for you fast and at an affordable price.

When does my exhaust need replacing?

If you can hear your engine rumble and your vehicle sounds like a tractor it's time to call us. Not only is a faulty exhaust a noise nuisance it's dangerous to passengers and the enviroment.

Water and salt are common causes of exhaust decay along with hitting objects in the road.

If you're experiencing lack of power or heat rising from your vehcile floor your catalytic convertor may be clogged and need replacing.

Free Exhaust Check in Bury

Is you noisy exhaust is keeping you off the road? Our expert technicians can conduct a fast free exhaust test for you at our Bury based garage.

Don't put off getting your exhaust checked. It's better to be safe than sorry. If you need an exhaust repair or replacement we'll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

Why you should choose Carmen Autos for Exhausts in the Bury Area?

We offer cost effective exhausts professionally fitted and fully guaranteed.

For all your exhaust repairs, supply and fitting please call us for a fast free quote on 0161 796 3605.


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